WHITE PAPER, April 2019

manufactured stone veneer

Your home is probably your biggest investment, and stone-based improvements are probably the biggest investments in your home. You want to make sure the company and type of stone you select are of the best quality and workmanship.
If it isn’t done right the first time, you may have to pay again for a replacement…or live with a mediocre improvement that you and your family won’t be proud of for years to come. We wrote this report to make you aware of the three biggest mistakes when selecting stone or a manufactured-stone company to do a home improvement project for you.

Mistake #1.

 Not using the highest quality materials which are best suited for your geographical region, weather and climate. This should be obvious and common sense; however, it’s overlooked more often than you think. The materials that make up the stone that goes into or on the outside of your home (along with how they’re installed) will determine if it looks good and blends in with the rest of your home…or it doesn’t look like you imagined it would, and you end up having to pay for a replacement. This is why it’s critical that the company you choose uses longlasting, quality materials to manufacture your custom-stone project. Plus – each state and region of the country have their own unique weather challenges: Extreme heat or cold…dry climates with less rainfall, and humid climates with more rainfall…the altitude of a home, which could be at or near sea level – or at a high elevation in a mountainous region. It’s not enough to have the right material that looks good, it should also stand up to the elements over time. Make sure the company you select to do the job has done post-installation engineering reports that show how well the natural or custommanufactured stone holds up over time.

Mistake #2.

Not having experienced, certified stone installers to do the job. It takes years of experience to become competent and skilled at the craft of installing stone. An experienced installer knows how to handle different installation challenges, and work around any situation or scenario that comes up. Unless you have years of experience in this specialized field and have dozens of projects under your belt, it’s difficult (and close to impossible) to do this right if you’ve never installed stone before. The most expensive mistake you can do with installing stone, is to do it yourself without the proper training and experience. How do we know? We’ve done over a hundred of them. Always ask for past clients and projects you can examine to see what kind of workmanship and materials a company uses.

Mistake #3.

Not having customized, high-quality materials that can match the color and style of your home. While most of the time, a stone company can find natural stone to match the right colors and textures…once in a while, you just aren’t able to find a natural match. Be sure the stone company you choose can custom-manufacture the style, texture and color of stone you want for your particular project. Technology today allows companies to almost perfectly match synthetic stone to a project, and looks natural to the naked eye. The best part? It won’t cost any more to have your stone made this way. In some cases, it can reduce the cost of this investment in your home.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you in selecting a stone-installation company. Use the highest quality materials which are best suited for your geographical region, weather and climate. Hire experienced, certified stone installers to do the job. Use best possible quality materials that match the color and style of your home. If you have any questions on this information or anything else, feel free to give us a call or e-mail – we’ll be glad to help.



Appril, 2019