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Need Inspiration? With over 100 manufactured stone veneer colors offered by ZEMENT Stone®, it’s difficult to choose only 10! But with help from designers, architects, and our long time clients – HERE IS OUR 2019 LINEUP!

top 10 designer picks

  1. CAPITOL HILL. Beautiful light color with soft browns and beiges. A classic look seen all throughout history.

2. MEDINA. Inspired by colorful Moroccan markets. A color scheme that embodies the earthy hues of autumn days.

3. GIZA. The colors of antiquity. A classic and neutral color scheme that will make the layout pop.

  1. BERLIN. Modern grey and greige. Soft pallet that reflects the cool colors of winter. 

5. DRAA. Just like the sand dunes, this pallet holds a modest beige tone that would accent any paint/stucco/siding/trim color.

  1. ACROPOLIS. Light, timeless and very natural looking stone. Offers a true Grecian appearance.
  1. VERONA. Takes us to Italy, with beautiful browns and yellows, it resembles Tuscan structures.
  1. CHAMBOARD. Classic European color. Mix of brick red, grey and white provides a nice accent to any paint/stucco/siding/trim color.

9. NEWGRANGE. This balanced color pallet includes blues, greys, reds and browns to give a colorful, but relaxed feel. 

  1. TAMILLA. A mix of strong and bold colors that accent themselves with purples, blues and silver.

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